Offshore Software Development

BLUECO’s Offshore Software Development

Although the IT industry is still fresh in Vietnam, the Offshore Software Development industry grows rapidly and tends to be on top in Asia. With a team of leading experts in this field, BLUECO has provided offshore software services to help businesses achieve operating efficiency and long-term growth.

BLUECO’s offshore software service meets clients’ expectation and at the same time qualifies the international standards. We offer a variety of software development including:

  • Software development according to required procedures, stages and functions
  • The overall development of software application based on the standards agreed by both parties
  • Develop and complete software as clients’ requirement.

Offshore software development process

Up to clients’ request regarding building software procedure, BLUECO would support customer needs according to the international standard process. However, there are probably some specific steps to align with customer’s requirement, field and implemented plan. Procedure in each project is built according to the general process of the project as well as the individual process of each project group. The project’s standard procedure is built with the following steps:

  1. Survey:Survey customers’ software needs, ask in detail, collect information to get sufficient data for implementing the project.
  2. Requirement Analysis and Design:If the customer already has detail requirements, then we will sit together to make clear the requirement before development. Otherwise, Blueco will be corporate with the customer to do analysis and design requirement, then we move to the Development phase.
  3. Development:A team of professional software engineers with years of experience in many programming languages will design framework, data, algorithms, features and interface system code by their needs and desires.
  4. Test:BLUECO’s testers will inspect to ensure that the software is free from bugs, runs properly, and corrects any problems arising in the projects.
  5. Handover and maintain:Once completing all features in customers’ software, Blueco will support the customer with installation, training and guidance of detailed usage. In case of any problems arise later or any improvement, we are always dedicated to assist adjustments and check periodically for businesses.
  6. Project management:Project administration will run from beginning to the end of the project to ensure all team members work toward common goals and project meet the deadline that committed to the customer.

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