BLUECO brings together many dedicated technical experts who was trained in the top ranking universities in Vietnam and in the world and is led by experienced heads of departments. Our company consists of core departments as follows:

  • Project Administration Department: All staff in the department are highly responsible, disciplined and intensively trained in management skills as well as acquire the wide knowledge of information technology. Our senior staff members qualified PMP® international certificate – a professional international certificate in the project management field. Currently, multinational corporations and companies around the world recognize PMP® certification as a measure of the professionalism of project management experts.
  • Business Analysis Department: Our team of experts are talented analysts who fully aware of our partners’ issues and bring many strategic solutions to live up to customers’ requirements. The leader who have gained many years of business analysis experience and qualified international standards (CBAP certification from IIBA) and are proficient in information technology analysis.
  • Architecture and System development Department: Our team of skilled, dedicated engineers is always trying our best to understand the proposed features and bring out the final software architecture to meet customers demand.
  • Software tester Department: The experts of Testing department value meticulous and professional qualifications and it results in faultless software and better software experience for customers.
  • Young Resources Training Department: BLUECO focuses on training people, that’s why the senior employees in our company always try to create an ideal environment for young employees to grow and utilize their full potential. The talented young team includes promising ambitious engineers, experts and students. The team with persistent youth, progressive working attitude, and not giving up when facing challenges have contributed to creating a “creativity and innovation” platform for our company in recent years.