Bshop 365- Sales and customer support software – Optimize Your Business

Bshop365 is a software package developed by BLUECO to help businesses and retail stores optimize their expenses and operate efficiently.

Bshop365 – Sales and Customer service software. It is developed by a team of technology experts and sales executives who comprehend the business processes and then introduce innovations that help customers sell and take care of customers effectively in the following areas:

  1. Veterinary industry: providing solutions for veterinary drug stores, pet care shops, veterinary service products, etc.
  2. Dental clinics: providing the solution to manage dental clinics and its customers
  3. Pharmaceutical industry: Pharmacies, drug stores, etc.
  4. Fashion industry: Clothing stores, wholesale warehouse, etc.
  5. Cosmetics industry: cosmetic store, make up salon and makeup supplies, etc.
  6. Book and stationery mini supermarkets
  7. Electronics industry: phone stores, parts repairing shops, etc.
  8. Convenience store industry: convenience stores, 24h supermarkets, a chain of stores
  9. Construction materials industry: construction equipment shops, construction companies, …
  10. Electricity industry: utility shops, equipment shops, etc.
  11. Baby care industry: milk shops for moms and babies, baby care stores, etc.
  12. Gift Service: Flower shops, gift shops
  13. Beauty services: Spa, beauty salon, etc.
  14. And many other industries are being developed simultaneously.

Please join us to find out how your business can gain massive advantages from using BLUECO’s software.

Steady Sales Growth with Bshop365

Sales issues when operating stores, businesses is undoubtedly a big concern.

Our team at BLUECO understand that in the process of operating and managing a chain of stores, executives may have many difficulties and challenges in not overlooking and convincing customers. To help solve this problem, we created Bshop365 with the following key features:

  • The Vietnamese user interface, simple operations: Bshop 365 wears a straightforward and comprehensible interface for Vietnamese users. Our expert consultants will guide the shops in detail, making sure every employee in your business can operate it with ease. Other languages like English will be developed in near future.
  • Improve Productivity: Does your sales staff make mistakes due to overloaded orders and difficulty in tracking order and payment? The nightmare of “Missing customers, being out of stock" which has caused a chronic headache for the store will be solved quickly by Bshop365. Bshop365 helps you create multiple orders concurrently, control orders and quantities, and process a variety of payment methods. Improving employee productivity will help businesses save costs and grow revenue more sustainably.

Rapid and Accurate Sales:

According to a 2016 study on purchasing behaviour at Harvard University, it was shown that: “If you let customers wait for more than 48 minutes for product information and/or there is misinformation, 35% The buyer believes that your product is inferior and gives up on buying”. Storing and providing accurate product information on time using Bshop365 will improve sales.

All product information can be integrated and stored in the application. That minimizes the risk of confusion when consulting customers, and you can respond faster to common questions about the product by integrated information on Bshop365 software.

Inventory monitoring:

Inventory is the backbone of a retail business. If you do not have clear and accurate information on this, the long-term business strategy will face many difficulties. In the main features of Bshop365, the Warehouse Management section is created so that inventory monitoring becomes smoother by updating daily and accurate to each parameter. You can fill inventory and add other detail information such as material, size, product status, etc. to your product. Thanks to this great feature, the staff also know the product information to quickly make sales and advise customers more closely.

Take care of your customers:

Customer service is an important element of a retail business, as attentive service is the sustainable way to attract loyal customers who can also help you spread the brand to people of similar interests, saving much marketing expenses. Bshop365 features customer information storage and support activities to help staff take care of customers more closely. You can create promotions, gratitude events suitable for long-term customers and other target groups.

Accurate and complete report on your business result:

The function of creating reports and charts on available revenue and expense data is focused and fully developed by Bshop365. You can design many types of supporting reports such as sales reports, goods reports, debt reports, order reports, employees, and so on. Based on the prepared report, you can set up visual charts that are easily understand and compare to the different business periods. Thanks to the diversity and understandability in the Bshop365 reporting system, businesses are capable of making strategic decisions effectively and accurately following the business result of the stores.

Assist with revenue and expenditure management comprehensively and independently:

When operating a chain of stores, sales growth only indicates that your business is expanding. However, to maximize profit, you also need to pay attention to and try optimizing expenditure. Bshop365 gives you have an overall view of the revenue and expenditure to understand the problems that the stores are facing. We create a unique way of managing revenue and expenditure so that customers can easily control vouchers/invoices in the stores. You can create receipts, payment orders as well as store important information and simply find out if necessary.

Support the integration with sales supporting devices:

Bshop365 is designed to be acceptable by most business platforms, hence, you will not waste any extra cost to install the software in the stores. BLUECO’s qualified employees will assist you in installing and integrating based on the available facilities and equipment at the stores.

Track your store at all times:

With just a simple “click", business owners can keep an eye on the store status as well as revenue result at any time. In case you are on a business trip, your business still operates under prompt control.

We are pleasant to support you:

Therefore, our consultant team is dedicated and provides prompt assistance to Bshop 365’s customers. Please kindly contact our company at the following channels:

  • Email: Send your queries to email: and receive a response after 1 working day at the latest

Phone: Please pick up the phone and immediately call the consultant at BLUECO if you have any questions at our company’s Hotline.

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