Consulting, Staff Training and Software Process

With comprehensive knowledge and experiences in all phases of the software development process, Blueco has been providing businesses with outstanding training and consulting software.

We are providing a “Training" service in:

  • The project management program is applied from the beginning to the end of the project. This programme is complied with the PMI standard to ensure that all team members have common goals.
  • Requirement Analysis and Design program have complied with IIBA standard. In the modern society of today business, the importance and influence of analysis and design cannot be denied. With the support of this program, Blueco Global believes that any businesses can achieve the highest success.
  • Testing Program which is complied with ISTQB standard, provides high-quality testing activities to ensure software quality.

BLUECO consulting and training service will bring you valuable solutions:

  • Enhance the capability of the internal information technology department to adapt to the organization’s strategy and prevent risks to the business.
  • Utilize all resources of the project.
  • Professional working methodology.
  • Reduce operating cost, improve business performance.
  • Comply with international technical standards to tackle operating problems about technology and ensure the strict information confidentiality
  • Provide human resources solutions for customers with a methodical schedule, based on their needs.

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